The wellness accessories you should be looking into

After dinner your buddies come over for a beer and a bath in the pool, and bam. You turn on the tunes for your floating Bluetooth device and switch on the disco lights underwater. Yet even if you don't mind impressing your buddies, pimping out your hot tub with all the new and coolest accessories is also pretty cool. Much better than being pampered at your own backyard!

The right Pools bar tray

You just blow it up and fasten it to the side of the bathtub or let it float within the water. It’s sectioned perfectly to carry snacks and drinks, and even features a center ice bucket-type opening to stay things cool.

Starfish Underwater LED Lights

These awesome underwater lights are battery-operated, remote-controlled and just plain awesome. You can choose the color to line your own mood, otherwise you can set them to shift on their own to run through all of them. It’s also practical lighting in order that you'll find your drinks within the dark.

Light ahead Bluetooth Waterproof Floating Speaker

This speaker will hook up with any Bluetooth device to play your music right there within the water. It's rechargeable so you only plug it back in when you’re done, and it's a cool light-up effect that adds a touch ambience to the recent tub.

Hot Tub Booster Cushion Submersible Spa Water Seat

If your kids hang around within the bathtub once during a while, or if you only have some short friends, they could adore this comfy booster seat to offer them equal height. It’s also good only for comfort if you've got harder seats like in wooden jacuzzi. The duvet is removable and mechanically cleanable.

Inflatable Drink Holder Floats

If you’re having a troublesome time deciding between drink floats, why not get a pack that features a bit of everything: a flamingo, a swan, a duck, a watermelon, a tree, and a couple of more. This way everyone in your bathtub can have their own so your drinks don’t get involved.

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