Wellness is the futur !

In a world of more or more stressful, taking a tour in a wellness center naturally imposes itself. Between spa, massage session or therapy of any kind, it is the opportunity to empty his body of all the toxins generated by stress and fatigue and to do good to his mind. Enter into the future with our spa wellness.

A wide range of services to satisfy you

We offer our clients a wide range of innovative wellness services. Our team of attentive professionals will accompany you in your relaxation and fitness sessions.

Wellness activities: What you will find in our spa

Come and discover our welcoming and relaxing environment and enjoy our unique wellness services. We offer various types of massages for your benefit. You will have the choice between:

  • A toning massage: it is a massage that gives you back fishing and relaxes your muscles.
  • The slimming massage: which allows you to refine your silhouette.
  • Relaxation Massages: to relax your body and mind.
  • Prenatal massage and specialized massages.

Our spa also offers aesthetic services (manicure, pedicure, facials, hair removal, etc.) as well as sauna, hammam and jacuzzi sessions. A qualified staff will accompany you in all your sessions and allow you to relax in the best possible conditions.

Make the choice of our wellness cure

Fancy a good fitness session, our wellness cures are made for you. Their health and psychic benefits are proven and will only provide you with the greatest benefit. Among our range of wellness treatments you will find:

  • Hydrotherapy: between thalassotherapy, thermal cure and many others, water is at the center of all our cures. It helps reinvigorate the body and prevent osteoarthritis and muscle pain.
  • Aromatherapy: essentially massages with essential oils that will give you the greatest good. Your body and mind will be completely renewed after this cure.

Useful information thanks to our blog

Our wellness blog is a place where you can find articles of all kinds. Information on massage techniques, cures, health benefits, etc. As well as health tips of any type await you on the blog. A blog run by enthusiasts of wellness and Zen attitude.

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