A blog to learn all about the choice, care and maintenance of your spa

Why did we choose to direct you to the upkeep and maintenance of a spa?

We created this blog to share our knowledge about the jacuzzi sale and the world of wellness. Having had experience in this field for several years and being above all passionate, we would like to bring you our expertise in the choice, use, care and maintenance of your spa. In most cases, a home spa would allow you to enjoy relaxation in complete privacy. To do this, it is often advisable to put a decoration suitable for well-being, ranging from the color of the walls to the furniture, including the type of spa chosen, good maintenance and upkeep.

We all know that buying a spa is a pretty big investment for a household. Thus, this decision is part of a long phase of reflection and financial preparation. So it is essential to learn as much as possible about the care and maintenance of this product.

A spa deserves good care and maintenance

In order to swim safely, preserve its lifespan and prevent this symbol of relaxation from becoming a source of stress, the maintenance of your spa must be regular.

As with a swimming pool, healthy water requires regular monitoring of its balance: water pH, water hardness (limestone), water alkalinity (TAC), dosage of the treatment product
Well-balanced water is the guarantee of optimal effectiveness of treatment products, good conservation of equipment and perfect bathing quality.

The best pH in the pool and spa area is between 7.2 and 7.4; the ideal level of TAC is between 125 and 150 ppm or mg / l, or between 10 and 30 ° f, its correction is necessary to maintain a good pH. It is also essential to check the water hardness (TH) because soft water promotes corrosion and hard water is a source of scaling. For disinfected and disinfecting water, a minimum of disinfectant is required at all times in the spa and finally you must renew your water every 1 to 4 months.

Our goal is that you are completely independent in the use of your spa and that you find all the necessary resources and the answers to your questions.

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