Spa: how to eliminate bad smells?

It is common for the spa water to produce a bad odor. There can be different sources of this problem and it is depending on the origin that one can adapt the right solutions. However, the best is to prevent this unpleasant situation directly, by adopting the right actions and regular maintenance.

Possible causes of bad odors

As mentioned earlier, there are many causes of bad odor in spa water. The primary culprits are living things such as bacteria, fungi or other germs it contains. In order for them to develop there, it is because the pH of the water has become favorable to them.

The second cause may be the deterioration of the filter, or in the event that it is clogged. It is therefore important to check from time to time.

It can also come from the degradation of certain residues such as creams, mushrooms or dead skin. By staying too long in water, they can produce unpleasant odors.

The solutions to adopt

Whatever the reason for the appearance of bad smells, radical solutions are called for. The first thing to do is shock water treatment. To do this, you must use a jacuzzi hot tubs for sale product such as bromine, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. Subsequently, an adjustment of the pH of the water will also be necessary, using other suitable products.

As the whole system could be contaminated, the safest way would be to clean all the piping, as well as the filter. In the event of wear, the latter must be replaced.

Finally, in some cases, changing the water is necessary. This would make it easier to completely clean the walls of the basin.

How to prevent the problem?

So that this problem does not come back, there are some precautions to apply daily. First and foremost, each spa user must shower properly before each session. Regular analysis of the pH of the water is also recommended. Finally, frequent cleaning of the entire system is mandatory.

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