How to detox with a spa tub

Pampering typically takes a backseat to the regular time saving shower with the frenetic speed of life of today. But to note and explore the beautiful effects of soaking hot tub on your skin is worth it!

Rapid cold shower

Upon their detox, this rinse will close your pores and bring the blood back to your core organs as an added bonus, which also enhances the body's immune system. Then after your soaking session you may want to drink a glass of warm water with a pinch of salt then honey to recover the electrolytes. A good balance of electrolytes in your body will improve the shine you will find in the appearance of your skin.

Hydrate the skin

Immediate moisturization can lock in the lotion's hydrating effects when the skin is at its most permeable. It will also help you to combat any drying effects that heat may have on your skin, depending on your skin sensitivity level.

Better maintenance

Then, of course, ensure that you manage your hot tub well enough that the skin irritation does not reverse! Pay careful attention to the water treatment items that you use if your skin is responsive. Beachcomber Soft is your best bet to help stabilize pH and increase water quality to achieve a silky water effect. Soft water is the best way to boost your water level. Combined with natural borate salts, the humidifying effects that soft can have on your skin complement you’re soaking routine.

Rub your skin

Stick to your hot tub for at least 15 minutes. It helps you to expand your pores as much as possible. Start rubbing your skin softly on your arms, legs, face and back to improve the circulation on the skin surface when you are soaking. Upon your soak you can then use an exfoliating face scrub for more cleaning during opening of your facial pores.

Your spa tub water then acts to eliminate the contaminants that minerals in the water kill all along the process.

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